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MANDRIL: Post-Test
Our products are state of the art, and in many ways are truly transformational.  The ability with CIVET, in real-time, to automatically analyze data and flag bit-level message problems and MIL-STD protocol issues; coupled with the ability to simultaneously view the associated tracks is unique within test and analysis community.  Problems are automatically identified with CIVET, real-time during test, and then resolved, post-test using our detailed analysis software package, MANDRIL. If you are working in live operations or test and analysis of Military communications (Link 16, Link 11, Link 22, VMF) we can help you save time and improve the technical rigor of your work.
“MANDRIL….was used to determine the source of a catastrophic anomaly affecting ground based weapons capability to provide homeland defense for the national capital region using already fielded NCR-IADS capability.  Analyses were reduced from 2 weeks to 8 hours with much greater data fidelity”
Reference: USAF Report to US Congress, report available upon request

What does MANDRIL do?

MANDRIL for Multi-Links - We have two versions: Link 16-only or Link 16, Link 11, Link 22, VMF, IJMS

Why is MANDRIL the product of choice?


Automatically decodes ultra-large Data Link Network databases containing either live data, simulation data, or both, into MS Excel, putting the power of Excel at your fingertips.
In addition to auto-decode, we've automated all of the key interoperability analysis features our customers have requested so that they can generate graphics directly from menus, and generate insightful, technically rigorous reports, and presentations at record pace.  We think of this in three areas:
1.       Network Statistics - Analysis Wizards Integrated with Excel allow automated statistical treatment of the entire database to clearly identify areas of focus for detailed analysis.

2.       Message Analysis - Analysis Wizards automate further detailed assessment of messages and data transfer blocks to assess bit-level and message protocol compliance with 8 different trends available (i.e. Time Quality vs Time for each network participant)

3.       Requirement Verification and Certification – Rulechecker performs automated requirements comparison tying back to the relevant requirements document (e.g. MIL-STD, STANAG, ICD, etc) and can be used standalone or as part of the iSMART electronic toolset.  For example, automated evaluation of compliance with MIL-STD R2 protocols can be performed with the press of a button !


MANDRIL’s Track Visualization toolset re-plays simulation or live data overlaid on a background terrain map in 2-D or 3-D to assess Line-Of-Site connectivity, radar masking, etc.

One of the best features, programmatically, is that all of this capability is available independent of whether your data is generated by simulators (e.g. BOSS, MLST3, AGILE, etc), gateways (e.g.ROBE, GTE, etc), terminals (e.g. MIDS, JTIDS,etc), and data bus analyzers(PAS 3000, etc).  So you can use the same tool for Interoperability and Network analysis for the life of your program.  You don't have to switch tools when moving, for example, from simulation data to live data.  This produces major gains in efficiency for the staff by reducing program and company capitol costs for analysis software and training, both of which provide major cost savings for your program.

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