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We've  developed Rocket Engines, Integrated Satellites with their Mission,  Integrated Solar Micro-grid Systems, and Developed Link 16 and iSMART  systems.  We can help you solve your problems !

We Sell

 We sell by creating a compelling reason for your customers to buy.   We've sold Launch Vehicles, Tactical Data Link Systems, Solar Micro-grids, and Link 16 analysis and test services.  We can sell your products and services ! 

We Get Your Message Out

We  get your message out by making it compelling for your target audience  to listen.  If you don't know who they are, we'll find them for you.   We've messaged for Fortune 100 companies, US Congressional Campaigns,  and non-profit clients.  We get your message out !

Link 16, Link 11, Link 22 and VMF Tools: Uncage Your Data

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