Tactical Communication Systems - Uncage Your Data

Pursuit of "bit-level"Interoperability (Ref. CJCSI6610.E) is required, WHY?

Because bit-level interoperability is the key to effective Tactical Communications.  Our systems(iSMART) and analysis products(eSMART, MANDRIL, CIVET) help you understand how to effectively Interoperate on Link 16, Link 11, Link 22, VMF, SADL, MADL, IFDL. iSMART eSMART

To develop any system, one must follow the three major steps of Systems Engineering and Integration:

    1) Develop system requirements

    2) Design, Develop/Integrate a system that meets those requirements

    3) Verify that the Design meets the Requirements

We supply and implement iSMART Systems Engineering Processes, to develop and design communication system software, supported by the eSMART Tool

We supply one-of-a-kind analysis tools to verify your system works where it needs to.....at the bit-level.

Official iSMART Website : iSMART  Or type: https://www.leidos.com/uk/tactical-data-links

Official CIVET website: CIVET  Or type: https://www.leidos.com/uk/tactical-data-links